Eagle Rock. How I Love Thee…



One of the things I love most about selling real estate is getting to know ‘new’ parts of the city.  For the past year or so I have had a major crush on Eagle Rock. The first time I went to Eagle Rock was about 15 years ago to visit a friend who was living there. I was living in Venice Beach and it felt as if I had driven to the moon. Echo Park was about as far east as I had ever been and the city ended there as far as I knew. I honestly don’t remember forging any opinions about Eagle Rock then, except that it was too far from the beach.


Home of Occidental College


Today I find Eagle Rock to be an absolute gem of a town. The perfect mix of urbanity and suburbanity– it borders (family friendly) Glendale and Pasadena on the North and East, and the hipper more urban Highland Park and Glassell Park on the South and West. It feels a lot like the cool-kids (hipster) playgrounds of Silver Lake and Echo Park but without the density, pretense and higher prices. The architecture is fantastic- unspoiled mid-century houses rest beside charming English tudor cottages, early 1900 craftsmen bungalows and 1920’s Spanish casitas. There are hillside homes perched high and low with views (if that’s your thing) as well homes in the flats with flat green lawns, picket fences and wide streets (if that’s your thing).


I also respond to the working class feel of Eagle Rock.  It feels like ‘real’ people with ‘real’ jobs live there.  Like most towns, there are areas with more cache than others but the divide is not as great as other parts of the city. At least not yet—Eagle Rock has and continues to become more gentrified with each passing day.

Besides good architecture and proximity, the highly rated schools have become a veritable magnet for young families.  Dahlia Heights Elementary, Eagle Rock Elementary and Delevan Elementary are all above average elementary schools (K-6) and Eagle Rock High School (which goes from 7th-12th grade) is also highly rated. That’s 12 full years of good public school, which is almost unheard of in Los Angeles.

But is there anywhere to eat, drink and shop?  Yes, yes, and yes!  Here are a few of my favorites.


Little Beast:  Seriously delicious. At the end of the meal I was lobbying the waiter to tell the owners to please please please open another location in Los Feliz.

Joe at Little Beast

Joe at Little Beast

Four Café

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie

Cheesemonger:  Milk Farm

Senior Fish Cocina


Eagle Rock Brewery Public House– a fine selection of craft beer and seasonal fare.

Colorado Wine Company


Letters From LA


The Green Bean Kids Resale

Leanna Lins Wonderland (gifts and art)

Owl Talk Vintage Shop

Here are some of our recent sales in the Eagle Rock area:

 1916 Designer Done Craftsman

1916 Designer Done Craftsman


1920’s Cottage


1920’s English Tudor

eagle view

Modern new construction


Midcentury Hillside with views



Call or email me if you would like to explore Eagle Rock or forward this blog to a friend who is in the market. Thank you for reading!