We had a wonderful experience working with Joe and Sara Reichling. From the very beginning, they listened to our wish list, endeavored to manage our expectations, and ultimately exceeded them by helping us find our dream house in our desired neighborhood. Our new house never even hit the market. The Reichlings tapped into their deep network to help us find a house under development and scoop it up for a competitive price. However, their white glove service extended beyond just identifying a house and negotiating a price. The Reichlings went above and beyond to help us ensure that every aspect of the house was perfect. When inevitable issues arose with aspects of the home before and during inspection, they stepped in immediately to find a solution that was suitable to us.  They are smart, experienced, reliable, connected, and respected.
We never want to move out of this house, but if we’re ever forced to, Joe and Sara will be the first and only people we call.

-Adam S.

I have been a licensed real estate broker since 1979. I am also part owner of one of the largest C21 franchises in the country. I learned early on that it is best not to represent yourself in a transaction.  I completed two transactions this year with the Bryant/Reichling team.  On one I was the buyer and the other I was the seller.  In all of my years in this business I have never been as impressed as I am with this group.

On the buy side I was dealing with an older seller who needed support.  I found the property but I brought in Sara to represent me.  Sara worked with the seller very patiently during the process and made the transaction very easy.  On the sale side I was completely blown away.  I don’t want to give away any secrets, but we listed the property and received 15 offers and closed on the property in fourteen days 15% ABOVE the listing price.

This did not happen by accident.  Sara and Joe presented a strategic plan from pricing, staging, pre sale improvements, and negotiations.  It was like a movie script. They actually scripted the open houses, initial offers, counter offers and most amazingly the dates all of this was to occur.  It all happened consistent with the marketing script.  As the rating headline says, “WooHooo!  As good as it gets!”

-Michael S.


Buying or selling a home is emotionally and physically exhausting. Thankfully, there are incredible realtors out there like Joe and Boni and Sara to help you through this treacherous transaction. This team at Sotheby’s is unrivaled in their dedication to the customer.

We had a tricky single family home to sell in Hollywood on a developing block with lots of construction. It was too nice to be a tear-down, but the changes to the block were making would-be buyers nervous about what the face of the neighborhood would be in a few years. Joe and Sara worked tirelessly to connect with the right buyer’s agents to find the right buyer.

The rollercoaster experience felt like smooth sailing thanks to their support. They’re smart, attentive, and truly believe in the customer’s needs. I can’t wait to start the home-buying experience with them next.

-Chad C.


Sara was an amazing realtor.She was patient with us and walked us through the, “should we…..shouldn’t we?” and we found the house of our dreams. Sara wasn’t afraid to tell us what was good and bad about each house, which we liked. She also gave us some room to dream. In Los Angeles there’s some really rough homes that need some vision and she always had ideas that inspired us. Overall I would give her an 11. If you use Sara you will be pleased and also be living in the house of your dreams.

-Cameron E.

Sara Reichling is the consummate professional and she really understood our aesthetic.  She took time to get to know us as people, our likes and dislikes, and this allowed her to find houses that not only made sense for us, but excited us.  In the end, she found us a house that wasn’t on our radar, but brought together all the elements we were looking for in a home.  I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to for a house in Los Angeles.

-Joe T.